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Preparing Future Dietitians

To help registered dietitians better communicate science-backed messaging to consumers, the Beef advocacy, training & engagement team works with state beef councils to provide beef nutrition and science information, along with media skills and food demonstration training. The team conducts training at universities across the nation with dietetic intern programs throughout the year, including recent and upcoming programs in Oklahoma, New York, Kansas, Nevada, and Arizona.

NBQA: Market Cow and Bull Audit Results

Data from the recently released 2016 National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) – Market Cow and Bull Results suggests the industry has made significant improvements in several areas, including:  herd management techniques, animal welfare and handling, hide damage, injection-site location and bruises.

In all cattle types surveyed, most cattle walked normally into the packing facility with noapparent lameness. There has been a trend toward increased body condition scores in beef and dairy cows since 2007, the research showed; body condition has stayed relatively constant for the bull population. Meanwhile, about 98 percent of cattle surveyed had no visible swellings resulting from aninjection of animal health products, and incidence of injection-site lesions in the round have dropped considerably since 1998.

Beef Checkoff Additional Resources:

The beef production story is told through, a site which offers information, photos, graphics, facts and figures, personal accounts and other resources that combine to tell the story of how beef gets from producers pastures to consumers’ plates.

Foodservice professionals, including those in school foodservice, can go to for with information about beef safety, cuts, facts and trends, as well as recipes and training materials.

Professionals in foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries can go to to find beef product ideas and tools to make new products successful in the market.

Beef retailers can turn to for beef cut and product information, marketing research, and tips, instruction and tools for merchandising beef.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a misunderstood but potentially serious animal disease. For the most accurate information, turn to, an informational site housing current information regarding for consumers, producers and beef industry representatives.

To address the nutrition and health challenges facing today’s youth and addressing beef nutrition with a focus on the classroom, provides a resource for a variety of tools to help teachers, school-wellness leaders, health professionals and families; it also serves as a resource for teachers with a large selection of free posters, brochures, and teaching kits about beef and human nutrition.