2016 NBQA

In plant audit

The beef industry has spent the last quarter century significantly improving the quality of its product. However, there’s no denying that there is room for continuous improvement. While the data show that those in the industry have a valuable story to tell, it’s no help that many in the industry don’t fully know the best way to tell it.

The checkoff-funded 2016 National Beef Quality Audit observed a decrease in cattle with hide brands, presence of horns, and an increase in the frequency of Prime and Choice carcasses. However, further improvement is needed regarding liver condemnations and carcasses with bruising. An important strategy for improved industry health and success was evident in the research: Utilizing BQA and its principles to increase consumer confidence and enhance industry commitment would encourage greater beef demand and improve beef conformity. Carrying this BQA message from producer all the way to consumers would benefit every member of the beef community.

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