b'Annual Antibiotic Symposium Builds Producer AwarenessThe 9th Annual Antibiotic Symposium was held on October 15-17 in Ames, Iowa, as a program of the Beef Checkothrough National Livestock Producers Association and National Institute for Animal Agriculture. Human and animal health professionals, government agencies, academics and producers gathered to hear scienti c updates on antimicrobial resistance, how research technology and innovation continue to impact industry knowledge on antimicrobial resistance and how to e ectively communicate scienti c information to consumers.Cattlemens Beef Board Members Promote U.S. Beef in Taiwan and JapanCattlemens Beef Board Chairman Chuck Co ey and Vice Chairman Jared Brackett traveled to Taiwan and Japan this summer as part of a U.S. contingent exploring opportunities for U.S. beef in those countries.Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria developsreported domestic sales and distribution of medicallyharvest process to market-ready beef products. The the ability to survive exposure to antibiotics, makingimportant antibiotics for use in livestock has decreasedpurpose of the study was to help identify if at certainTAIWANit dicult or impossible to treat infections in people43 percent since 2015. 2 times in the supply process more resistance genes or animals. It is a growing concern amongst societyThe checko -funded National Beef Quality Assurancewere prevalent. This is therst study of its kind, today, with many fearing a post-antibiotic era(BQA) program now contains producer guidelinesand the checkowill continue to be involved in thisJAPANwhere common infections become life threatening.for antibiotic use, which were developed by cattleimportant industry issue.Locations that frequently use antibiotics likeproducers in combination with animal health experts.In order to continue to stay up to date on the use ofTaiwan and Japan are in prime position hospitals, long-term care facilities, feedlots and cropFrom administration practices to record keeping,antibiotics in food animals, the Beef Checkohelpedfor further market development, said production areas have been criticized for the overusethese are tactics the beef industry is showcasingsponsor the 9th Annual Antibiotic Symposium. TheCo ey, afth-generation rancher from of antibiotics, resulting in less-e ective treatments.every day in order to produce the high-quality beefevent was held in Ames, Iowa on October 15-17.Davis, Oklahoma. Taking this trip gave However, even with this skepticism, it is unknownconsumers depend on. The symposium focused on scienti c updates onus the chance to immerse ourselves how much each location contributes to antibiotic- antimicrobial resistance, how research technologyin their culture and gain a better resistant bacteria. 1 In 2016, the Beef-Checko -funded research intoand innovation continue to impact that growingunderstanding of the many ways we can Antibiotics play a critical role in the beef industry,antibiotic resistance, which continues to be theknowledge and how to improve communicating towork to increase U.S. beef consumption safeguarding health and promoting high-quality beef.largest study published to date examining theconsumers the important role antibiotics play inin these countries.The beef industry has taken measures to practice theecology of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the beeflivestock health. production system, using shotgun metagenomics, aToday, U.S. beef holds more than 75 judicious use of antibiotics to dramatically decrease1 Resistome diversity in cattle and the environment decreases during beef way to sequence thousands of organisms in parallel.production. 2016. https://elifesciences.org/articles/13195 percent of Taiwans chilled beef marketthe potential risk of developing antibiotic-resistantThe study is unique because it followed the same2 FDA reports major drop in antibiotics for food animals. 2018. http://www.cidrap.umn. the largest share of any Asian destination. bacteria. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)groups of cattle from feedlot entry through theedu/news-perspective/2018/12/fda-reports-major-drop-antibiotics-food-animals U.S. Meat Export Federation, subcontractor to the Beef Checko'