b'INDUSTRYPROMOTION PRODUCERINFORMATIONIncludes advertising, merchandising and newCOMMUNICATIONS Strives for an accurate understanding of theproduct development, as well as training andInforms producers and importers beef industry and helps maintain a positivepromotional partnerships with restaurantsabout how their checkodollars are cattle-marketing climate. and supermarkets that stimulate sales of beefinvested. This newsletter is paid for by and veal products.producer communications. NAMI2030-IIProvides national framework for the Veal Quality AssuranceNAMI2000-P CBB2050-PCprogram; prepares response to veal issues in the media, andHighlights the positive attributes of prepared beef productsCommunicates to producers where their checkodollars are additional outreach.through outreach to industry leadership, culinary and groceryspent through print and online publications, media outreach, The Beef Promotion and Research Act and Order2020 Funding: $157,716 store / restaurant support, and showcases product choices inindustry roundtables and state support.authorizes Beef Checkofunds to only be spent inthe marketplace to consumers.2020 Funding: $1,645,993the following program areas: industry information, consumer information, research, producerNLPA/NIAA*2031-II 2020 Funding: $698,300communications, foreign marketing and promotion. Supports the beef industrys commitment to One Healthhealthy humans, healthy animalsincludingNAMI2001-P At the beginning of each newscal year, beefthe annual Antibiotics Symposium, and beef producerCreates a favorable marketplace for veal through marketing organizations present proposals to the Cattlemens Beefengagement and education. initiatives focusing on consumers and places where veal is sold Board to request funding in these program areas. Theand enjoyed.organizations approved for funding are referred to as2020 Funding: $99,757 FOREIGNBeef Checkocontractors. 2020 Funding: $299,272 MARKETING Currently, the Beef Checkohas seven contractors. TheNCBA2033-IIcontractors and their programs and projects on theseProvides national framework for the Beef Quality AssuranceNCBA2002-P Develops international markets for U.S. beef pages are approved within each of the program areas forprogram; prepares response to beef issues in the media,Manages the iconic Beef. Its Whats For Dinner. campaign tothrough programs aimed at expanding market thescal year 2020 (October 2019 to September 2020). and o ers training to develop credible advocates within theeducate consumers and inspire them to purchase, preparepenetration, gaining new market access, beef community.and enjoy beef, including Chuck Knows Beef on Amazonimproving global consumer perceptions and 2020 Funding: $3,192,230 Alexa/ Google Home and inspiring campaigns. building trust in U.S. beef. 2020 Funding: $9,427,054NCBA/USMEF*2040-FMMaximizes market access for U.S. beef around the globe, develops demand among new and existing buyers CONSUMERoverseas and increases value of the entire carcass through INFORMATIONexport support.Helps enhance beefs image by sharingRESEARCH 2020 Funding: $8,279,846nutritional data and other positive messagesProvides the foundation for virtually all with media, food editors, dietitians,checko -funded information and promotion physicians and others who in uenceby providing the science related to beef consumers food knowledge.nutrition, beef safety and pathogen resistance. AFBFANEBPI*MICA/NEBPI*2020-CI American Farm BureauNortheast Beef Builds beef consumption in the highly-populated cities of theFoundation for Agriculture Promotion InitiativeNortheastern U.S. by working with restaurants and groceryFMPRE/NAMI*2010-Rstore chains, marketing to speci c consumer groups andConducts post-harvest beef safety and science-based researchCBBNIAA*garnering support from regional nutrition in uencers. on prepared beefs nutritional and health bene ts. Cattlemens Beef Board National Institute for 2020 Funding: $498,786 2020 Funding: $798,057 Animal Agriculture FMPRE Foundation for Meat andNLPAAFBFA2021-CI NCBA2011-R Poultry Research and Education National Livestock National dissemination of open-source beef-based STEMContinues to examine beefs role in a healthy diet to share withProducers Associationcurriculum, built for middle and high school students, to sciencethe scienti c and nutrition community, improves beefs uniqueKSU* educators and education leaders.taste attributes and develops new recipes. Kansas State University USCA2020 Funding: $698,300 2020 Funding: $8,379,603 United States MICA Cattlemens AssociationNCBA2022-CI USCA/KSU*2012-R Meat Import Council of AmericaUSMEF*Increase consumer awareness of the Beef. Its Whats For Dinner. Enrich understanding of U.S. meat consumption outsideUnited States Meat brand campaign and position beef as the number one proteinof grocery store purchases, with monthly research intoNAMI* Export Federation through involvement with restaurants, culinary leaders, groceryconsumers enjoyment of beef at home or dining out.North American Meat Institutestores and markets and others, and through media relations to reach this critical group. 2020 Funding: $359,126 NCBA2020 Funding: $6,384,460 National Cattlemens*SubcontractorBeef Association'