b'2022 INDUSTRY INFORMATION PROMOTION C* PRODUCER COMMUNICATIONS Strives for an accurate understandingIncludes advertising, merchandising and newInforms producers and importers about of the beef industry and helps maintain a positiveproduct development as well as training andhow their Checkoff dollars are invested through a cattle-marketing climate. promotional partnerships with restaurants andvariety of efforts and initiatives.supermarkets that stimulate sales of beef andCHECKOFFNAMI veal products. CBBBuilds discovery, access and confidence in veal and Executes the producer communications program to convey to veal production. NAMI / NYB producers how their Beef Checkoff investment drives demand 2022 Funding: $74,210 Facilitates innovative approaches for consumers to accessfor beef. Producers engage with The Drive publishing platform, and purchase veal and enhances veal eating experiencessocial media and thought leaders to access transparent and NCBA by creating meal solutions that capitalize on taste, valuefactual information on the Checkoff program. PROGRAM FUNDING Communicates the message that real beefs great tasteand versatility. 2022 Funding: $1,850,000and nutrition cant be replicated, and addresses the myths2022 Funding: $356,230around beef and beef production among various audiences.2022 Funding: $2,473,820 NCBA FOREIGN MARKETINGHOW BEEF CHECKOFF DOL L A RS W IL LConnects directly with consumers to promote beef throughDevelops international markets for U.S. beef through BE SPENT DURING FISCAL YEAR 2022 NIAA the iconic Beef. Its Whats For Dinner. campaign. Throughprograms aimed at expanding international market Supports the beef industrys commitment to One Healthbeef marketing and merchandising, Beef. Its Whats Forhealthy humans, healthy animalsincluding the annualDinner. educates and inspires consumers to purchase,penetration, gaining new market access, and The Beef Promotion and Research Act and OrderAntibiotics Symposium, which will focus on continuedprepare and enjoy beef.improving global consumer perceptions.authorizes Beef Checkoff funds to only be spentknowledge about responsible antibiotic use and the primary2022 Funding: $9,202,600efforts aimed at combating antimicrobial resistance.USMEFin the following program areas: beef promotion,2022 Funding: $79,160 Maximizes market access for U.S. beef around the globe, RESEARCH develops demand among new and existing buyers overseas, and research, education, information and CONSUMER INFORMATION The foundation for virtually all increases value of the entire carcass through export support.2022 Funding: $8,400,000foreign-market development.Helps enhance beefs image by sharingCheckoff-funded programs, this category of nutritional data and other positive messages withCheckoff projects provides science by providingCONTRACTOR KEYEach September, beef industry organizations presentmedia, food editors, dietitians, physicians andscience related to beef nutrition, beef safety andAFBFA NIAA others who influence consumers food knowledge. pathogen resistance. American Farm BureauNational Institute for proposalsreferred to as Authorization Requests, orFoundation for Agriculture Animal Agriculture FMPRECBB NAMI ARsto the Beef Promotion Operating Committee,AFBFA Cattlemens Beef PromotionNorth American Meat Grows a scientifically-literate society through the Conducts post-harvest beef safety and science-basedand Research Board Institutecomprised of members of the Cattlemens Beefbeef-based STEM curriculum. Educators utilize STEMresearch on processed beefs nutritional andhealth benefits. FMPRE NEBPI* curriculum for their middle and high school students with2022 Funding: $500,000 Foundation for Meat andNortheast Beef Promotion Board and the Federation of State Beef Councils, toplans for expansion into elementary classrooms this year. Poultry Research andInitiative2022 Funding: $926,000 Education NYBC* request funding for year-long marketing, educationNCBA KSU* New York Beef CouncilMICA / NEBPI* Continues to examine beefs role in a healthy diet to shareKansas State University USCAand research projects in these program areas. TheBuilds beef consumption in highly populated Northeasternwith the scientific and nutrition community, improvesMICAUnited States Cattlemens U.S. cities by working with restaurants and grocerybeefs unique taste attributes and develops new recipes. Meat Import Council ofAssociation organizations approved for funding are referred to asstore chains, marketing to specific consumer groups and2022 Funding: $8,100,000 AmericaUSMEF garnering support from regional nutrition influencers. NCBAUnited States Meat Export Beef Checkoff contractors.2022 Funding: $494,760 USCA / KSU* National Cattlemens BeefFederation This research will tackle the important areas surroundingAssociationCurrently, the Beef Checkoff has nine contractorsNCBA consumer beef perceptions by looking into beef enrichment*=SubcontractorIncreases consumer awareness of the Beef. Its Whats Forwith omega-3 fatty acids. and three subcontractors. The contractors and theirDinner. brand campaign and positions beef as the number2022 Funding: $210,000one protein with restaurants, culinary leaders, grocery programs and projects are approved within each ofstores and other markets through media relations. the program areas for the fiscal year 2022 (October2022 Funding: $6,234,0202021 to September 2022).'