b'Our team meets every single morning to look at the news stories of the day that could potentially impact beef and determine if there is anythingM O N I T O R I N G M E A T :we need to do in response. JEN TILLISS Executive Director, NCBA Issues Management and Media Relations teamFlickering cable news shows speed across multipleMEAT SUBSTITUTES IN THE MEDIAlarge television screens along one wall, while severalNCBA has had meat substitutes on its radar for quite sets of watchful eyes glance over a series of computerssome time, and its executing multiple initiatives to scrolling through traditional and social media sites.ensure consumers, in uencers, the supply chain The atmosphere is a combination of Times Square,and the media have the facts about how these a military operations room and the TV section atsubstitutes compare with beef.Target. This is the Digital Command Center, home of the checko -funded Issues Management and MediaFor example, NCBAs checko -funded Beef. Its Whats Relations team at the National Cattlemens BeefFor Dinner. ads directly address misinformation Association (NCBA). and highlight beefs strongest attributes. A single This team of savvy communications professionalsad stating Nicely done, beef. Youve proven that works every single day to protect the consumer andmeat substitutes are just that. Substitutes. has marketing environment for beef. Charged with activelyhad more than 53 million impressions and has monitoring important conversations and issuesresulted in more than 286,000 clicks back to the threatening consumer con dence in beef, this teamBeefItsWhatsForDinner.com website 1 .is the Beef Checko s minute-by-minute watch dogIn November 2019, a meat substitute company that for the beef industry, addressing myths that makemanufactures a soy-based burger commented on people question beef and o er immediate fact-baseda Beef. Its Whats For Dinner. Twitter post featuring responses to issues and trending topics.a video of the Beef Holiday Drool Log saying, Okay, boomers. This patronizing statement is DIGITAL COMMAND CENTER basically a social media insult used by Millennials An extremely sophisticated monitoring operation,and Generation Z to express frustration with the Digital Command Center serves as the hub forolder generations and their outdated beliefs the beef industrys media monitoring and responseor preferences. The NCBA team took it as an needs. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,opportunity to defend the Beef. Its Whats For Dinner.the team utilizes the command center to activelybrand and posted a response that said, Dont be monitor more than 200 beef-related topics rangingso salty oh, wait. This response highlighted the from dietary guidelines to sustainability claims, andfact that meat substitutes are high in sodium. The from meat substitutes to animal welfare. response had a reach of more than 160,000 and more than 24,000 impressions, 70-plus retweets and Our team meets every single morning to look at the400-plus likes 2 . The meat substitutes company hasnt news stories of the day that could potentially impactresponded again.beef and determine if there is anything we need toA series of fact sheets and information available do in response, says Jenn Tilliss, NCBAs executiveon BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com also gives a director for the Issues Management and Media Relations team. We also look at trends so we canlook into the nutritional breakdown and ingredient plan accordingly with issues response and try to getlists of beef products compared to those of meat ahead of situations. substitutes. Realizing consumers may be looking for The Digital Command Center is so re ned in itsmore information about meat substitutes, a Google technology that team members receive a noti cationsearch campaign delivers Beef. Its Whats For Dinner.when a topic hits a certain threshold, which couldads to consumers who search for these substitutes be the number of people its reached, the numberonline. Additionally, an educational webinar showed of stories being circulated about a particular topic350 retail and foodservice professionals how beef or other measures. This allows the team to reactstacks up to meat substitutes. quickly, including outside of business hours. Continued on Next Page '