b'Every Beef Checkocontractor, big or small, plays an important role in FABLE: Join thehelping the beef industry thrive. With the common goal of driving beef demand, contractors execute programs and initiatives that help position Cattle are oneSustainabilitybeef as the number one protein for consumers everywhere.of the leadingConversationsources of GHGMeat substitutes are now present in restaurants, grocery stores and fast-food chains. The consumers who are emissions. trying these substitutes may believe that doing so will help maintain a more sustainable environment and lower greenhouse gas emissions.The Beef Checkois actively participating and sharing fact-based information with consumers about beefs Beef cattle productionrelatively small environmental impact compared to other FACT: industries or greenhouse gas-producing entities. ThroughHOW TO BECOME ACONTRACTOREXECUTING INITIATIVESgenerates only its ongoing outreach e orts, the checkoprovides tools andCHECKOFF CONTRACTOR GUIDELINES Contractors submit funding requests resources so producers can con dently step forward andThe Beef Checkoworks withEach contractor must meet known as Authorization Requests share important facts with those around them. Its time toestablished national, nonpro t,speci c criteria to receive Beef which are detailed outlines of how take control of these environmental messages and shareindustry-governed organizationsCheckofunding, a process thattheir proposed program will fall how producers care for their animals and land. called contractors. The 1985 Farmcan take up to a year to facilitate.within the core strategies of the Beef Bill states that these organizationsEvery contractor is vetted,Industry Long Range Plan and drive HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN THE CONVERSATION must be governed by a board ofaudited and reviewed regularlybeef demand. Checkoproducer directors representing the beefby the Cattlemens Beef Board.committees then review and approve Speak up on social mediafollow the Beef Checkoonindustry and have been activelyContractors are reimbursed onlya select number of Authorization of total U.S.Facebook and Twitter for shareable content. operating for at least two years.for work done with checkodollarsRequests. Results and program Contractors execute checko as outlined in the Act and the Order,updates are submitted to the GHG emissions Write a letter to your local newspaper. programs and initiatives accordingand are not allowed to pro t from aappropriate producer committees https://www.sciencealert.com/sorry-but-giving-up-on-meat-is-not-going-to-save-the-planetShare your story with the local community: schools,to beef producer goals andcheckocontract. throughout the year. This process chambers of commerce, service clubs and churches. industry needs. ensures dollars are being spent eciently and lawfully.Beef Wont Back Down 2020 CONTRACTORSContinued From Cover Sushi GetsThe checkocurrently partners with eight contractors and four subcontractors:AFBFAMICA NAMI NEBPI*The Beef Checkois actively working toThe Right Way: This campaignBeefed Up American FarmMeat Importers CouncilNorth AmericanNortheast Beef ensure beef remains at the consumerintroduces consumers to the BeefBureau Foundationof America Meat Institute Promotion Initiativeforefront by dispelling misconceptionsQuality Assurance program, a Beeffor Agricultureabout the supposed health bene ts of meatChecko -funded, voluntary programNCBA USCA NIAA*substitutes. The iconic Beef. Its Whats forensuring the safe, high-qualityCBBNational CattlemensUnited StatesNational Institute for Dinner. brand, funded by the Beef Checko ,production of U.S. beef within stringentCattlemens Beef Board Beef Association Cattlemens Association Animal Agriculture has reached consumers more than oneanimal care standards. FMPRENLPA KSU*USMEF*billion times since relaunching two yearsChuck Knows Beef: Powered by GoogleFoundation for MeatNational LivestockKansas State University United States Meat ago. And, the brands informative digitalArti cial Intelligence, Chuck can serveand Poultry ResearchProducers Association Export Federation marketing campaigns are as e ective asup recipes and answer a variety ofand Educationthey are drool-worthy. beef-related questions from nutrition,* = subcontractorThe checko s Nicely Done, Beef.cutting and cooking information to howReleased by the campaign highlights beefs greatest assetsbeef is raised. Chuck can be accessed at ChuckKnowsBeef.com, throughNorth American Meat including its great taste, nutrient content,Amazon Alexa, or on Google Home bene ts over meat substitutes and theInstitute, Beefshi is an dedicated producers who raise beef.smart devices.Delivered through a consistent theme, aAt the end of the day, consumers stillinnovative sushi-style few messages from the campaign include,favor beef, and beef has certainly earnedconcept featuring Nicely done, beef. You give people aits spot at the dinner table. The Beef reason to use the drooling emoji. And,Checkoand its continued consumerbeef products. Nicely done, beef. You build strongmarketing e orts are working to make sure it stays there.Get the recipes at muscles. No protein shake required.Here are a few other examples of how1 Alternative Proteins at Foodservice Study, Technomic,beefshi.com. October 2018.the checkoshares beefs story with2How Popular is Fake Meat In America? Greg Henderson. the consumer: January 28, 2020.'