b'How Does Beef Stand Up ToG E T T O K N O W Y O U RPlant-Based Alternative Proteins?BEEF CHECKOFF CBB MEMBERS CONTINUED FROM COVER H I G H L I G H T SPlant-based alternative proteins may be getting a lot of hype, but the reality isRespondents answers to, Over the past month, what best describes that consumers still love and choose beef. Consumers are selecting beef aboutyour consumption of plant-based burger patties or ground crumbles?three times more often than plant-based protein alternatives.To fully understand alternative proteins influence in the marketplace as GINA HUDSON well as consumers buying habits and perceptions of beef, the Beef CheckoffJo Ann Smith Cow/calf producer commissioned a research study about plant-based alternative proteins17 % Zeroand their potential impact on beef demand. The study, Impacts of NewReceives First from Belvidere, Nebraska Plant-Based Protein Alternatives on U.S. Beef Demand, authored by Glynn% Once CheckoffT. Tonsor, Jayson L. Lusk and Ted C. Schroeder, reflects the attitudes and19 %opinions of more than 3,000 U.S. residents surveyed in September 2020. The65 Visionary AwardWe as producers have a largestudys results, weighted to better represent the U.S. population, provide aTwo or morecomprehensive assessment across retail and foodservice market channels.voice when it comes to nationalTo view the see the studys full research findings, visit:and international trade marketinghttps://www.agmanager.info/sites/default/files/pdf/PlantBasedProteinAlternatives_FullReport.pdf and research for our beefMain Findings Respondents Protein Value Perceptions on Hamburger vs. Plant-Based products. The Checkoff programHamburger Plant-Basedincreases profit opportunities 8070for producers by reaching out to01 l beef is currently chosen in theten60 68 65 59 14 54 51 49 49 25 47 22 44 40 43 35 42 32 42 28 42 35 40 Florida producer and first a larger consumer audience thatRea 50 57we cant do individually. marketplace about three times more of 40 37than plant-based protein alternatives.30 Cattlemens Beef Board chair, MELVINSBeef has a good image. As a result,02 10 12 13 22 23 15 17 Jo Ann Smith, was presented 20with the first ever Beef consumers perceptions of beefs taste,0 Checkoff Visionary Award MEDEIRO appearance, price and naturalness greatlyTaste Price Freshness Nutrition Safety Health during the 2021 Cattle Industry Ingredient List NaturalnessAppearance Convenience Animal Welfare Sustainability Environmental ImpactHormone Free/Antibiotic FreeOrigin/TraceabilityDairy producer from Laton, California exceed that of plant-based proteins.Conventions Opening General Melvin is a second-generation03 ular meat consumers (68% of the60 Respondents Hamburger vs. Plant-Based Nutritional Perceptions Session in Nashville, Tennessee. Reg This honor recognizes an studys full sample) are much less likely toindividual in the beef industry dairy farmer, and his family haswho has demonstrated been in the business for aboutselect a plant-based item when a beef itemHamburger Plant-Based exemplary support of and 50 years. Melvin and his wife,is available.56 54 commitment to the Checkoffs Kelley, own and operate Medeiros50 44 43 41 40 40 41 41 43 40 goals and vision. Scan the QR Changes in the price of beef have a much40 38 38 38 37 37Dairy, Inc., Medeiros Holsteins andlarger i han the impact of cha h 04 30 17 18 29 29 24 28 27 26 24 36 35 32 code below to watch Jo Anns MelKey Farms and run a cow-calfmpact on consumer decisions toaward video: operation. Melvin currently servesbuy beef t nges in the20prices of plant-based offerings. T is means10on the Consumer Trust committee. 0plant-based burgers are relatively weakIron Vitamin B12 Sugars Zinc Calories Cholesterol Dietary FiberProtein Preservatives Sodium Total Fat Potassium Saturated FatTotal Carbohydratessubstitutes for beef. To learn more about the CBB members in your Graph citations: Impacts of New Plant-Based Protein Alternatives on U.S. Beef Demand (Tonsor, Lusk, and Schroeder, 2021)state, visit: Beefboard.org/Members'