b"O C T O B E R 2 0 2 1DrivingDemandForBeef.comLike many of you, I have a favorite morning news program I watch nearly every day. And over the past few years, Ive watched with interest (and some alarm) as news anchors and businesspeople seemed to overwhelmingly embrace plant-based alternative proteins. Some even referred to these products and others as revolutionary andgame-changing in the protein marketplace.However, I heard some beef industry stakeholders refer to the market for these protein alternativesSTORY CONTINUED BELOW By: Jackie Means, past CBBmy colleagues on the Cattlemens Beef BoardAll in all, the research shows us thatmember and former chair of the(CBB) felt the same way. As a result, the Beefplant-based protein alternatives are a relatively Checkoff Evaluation Committee Checkoff commissioned a research study tosmall threat to the beef industry right now. as small and inconsequential. I foundunderstand plant-based alternative proteinsAs Beef Checkoff contractors develop new myself harkening back to the 1970s whenand their potential impact on beef demand. plans and initiatives to promote beef, we're we didnt pay enough attention to consumerThis study, outlined in this issue of The Drive,asking them to consider this study's findings concerns about beefs healthfulness. Now,invested producer dollars to fund researchalong with other factors that could impact beef in 2021, were still fighting misconceptionsthat uncovers the latest consumer preferencesdemand, both now and well into the future. I and myths about beefs nutritional profile. Iand attitudes toward beef and other proteins.can assure you the CBB members will do their became personally concerned that we wereThe Beef Checkoff then uses this informationvery best to invest your Checkoff dollars wisely heading down the same path when it came toto determine the messaging, strategies andto grow beef demand.alternative proteins. Fortunately, I discoveredtactics to encourage consumers to choose beef.STORY CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE "