b'JANUARY 2020BQA: Helping Maintain a Sustainable Beef IndustryNo doubt about itbeef producers carebecause they believe its the right thing about the animals they raise, and for goodto do. In fact, the 2011 National BeefBQA-certi ed producers reason. Healthy cattle are not just a point ofQuality Audit found that 87 percent ofreceive a signi cant pride, but also lead to greater pro tabilityBQA-certi ed producers participate for and support for longevity of the land.that very reason 1 . However, because ofpremium when sold through Today, approximately 85 percent of U.S.the superior care these producers arevideo auction markets. The beef comes from Beef Quality Assurancegiving their cattle, they are now seeing anresults showed a premium of (BQA)-certi ed producers. The BQAadditional return at auction.programs purpose is to ensure cattle areNew research conducted by Colorado$ 16.80/raised under optimum management andState University (CSU) shows that calves environmental conditions. By protecting herd health and incorporating safe andand feeder cattle raised by BQA-certi edhead e ective management practices, BQA- producers receive a signi cant premium certi ed producers provide consumerswhen sold through video auction markets. with high-quality beef they can trust toThe results showed a premium offor cattle that had BQA feed their families. $16.80/head for cattle that had BQA listed in the lot description. listed in the lot description.Historically, beef producers have participated in the BQA program simplyContinued on Next Page D R I V I N G D E M A N D F O R B E E F. C O M'