b'MAY 2020Beef WontBack DownThe main selling points for meatandavor of foods like steak. Data frommeat substitute products and its a list with substituteswhich revolve around thethe U.S. Department of Agricultureup to 22 di erent ingredients, says Greg environment, nutrition and animal welfareindicates that the average persons meatHanes, CEO of the Cattlemens Beef Board.may attract a certain type of consumer.consumption has risen each year sinceAnd heres the ingredient list for beef: beef. Its important to consider, however, that2015 to about 220 pounds annually inYou have one ingredient.in spite of people trying these substitutes,2018. Consumers are eating beef becauseA recent study gauging consumer beef is still a leading protein withit has an irreplaceable taste and texture.acceptance of meat substitutes surveyed consumers, and sales remain strong. Overall, meat substitutes only represent anearly 32,000 Americans, and only 27 One reason beef remains so popularfraction of pounds sold, registering at 0.1 percent share in 2018, while ground beefpercent of those surveyed believe the is because it can be divided into wholerepresented 50 percent 1 . substitutes are healthy and eco-friendly 2 . muscle cuts, like steaks and roasts.Still, more restaurants and stores are Currently, meat substitute companiesIn an e ort to compare beef with theo ering meat substitutes on their menus can only create a ground-meat product,substitutes, the Beef Checkohas done aand shelves.and they do not have the ability to cultureside-by-side assessment of each products fat cells, which contribute to the aromaingredients. You look at the ingredients onContinued on Next Page DrivingDemandForBeef.com'