Planning & Evaluation

The purpose of evaluation is to oversee the effective measurement of industry-funded Beef Checkoff Programs – to see that they are accomplishing their stated objectives, as well as achieving the outcomes and goals of the beef industry’s Long Range Plan.  The stated purpose of the Joint Evaluation Advisory Committee for the Beef Checkoff Program is as follows:

  • To measure the results of Authorization Requests (ARs) and programs approved by the Beef Promotion Operating Committee.
  • To provide producers a “compass check” on programs in process.
  • To integrate program results into the planning process (operating plan) for the coming fiscal year.

As part of the ongoing planning and evaluation effort at the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, all programs are evaluated and this evaluation is reported to both the Board and to individual contractors. Evaluation Reports are available on request.



2017 study results by Kansas State University agricultural-economics professors, Drs. Glynn Tonsor and Ted Schroeder regarding the feasibility of developing new foodservice and grocery-store beef-demand indices and to guide the beef industry about the merits of these indices for future use.

BEEF CHECKOFF RETURN ON INVESTMENT - Commissioned in 2014, "An Economic Analysis of the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board Demand-Enhancing Programs" measures the return on beef producers and importers' investments into the national Beef Checkoff Program. The study addresses two main questions: 1) What would U.S. beef demand be in domestic and foreign markets had there not been any CBB marketing programs between 2006 and 2013?; and 2) Are the benefits of the CBB marketing programs larger than their costs?

"BEEF DEMAND: Recent Determinants and Future Drivers" is a 2013 study commissioned by the Beef Checkoff Program to summarize the current knowledge of consumer demand for beef and identify the best opportunities for the industry to influence demand postively.

The checkoff-associated portions of the 2015-2020 Beef Industry Long Range Plan are endorsed by the Cattlemen's Beef Board.

USDA also requires all checkoff programs to periodically do an independent assessment of the program's economic impact, also known as a macroanalysis. The beef checkoff has asked independent economists to conduct this review in 2001, 2004, 2009, and 2014.