2013 Beef Demand Determinant Study

In Fiscal Year 2013, the Beef Checkoff Program commissioned a Beef Demand Determinant Study to identify the beef demand drivers on which the checkoff programs should focus to have the most compelling effects on beef demand moving forward.

Below you will find links to a one-page abstract, a summary report, and the full results of the study, authored by Dr. Ted Schroeder, professor of livestock marketing, and Dr. Glynn Tonsor, associate proessor of livestock marketing, both at Kansas State University, in addition to Dr. James Mintert, assistant director of Extension for Agriculture and Natural Resources at Purdue University:

Please contact Courtney Kalous if you have any questions about the study materials or access to them.



Beef Issues Quarterly - September 2013

Video Releases:

  1. Understanding Domestic Beef Demand
  2. Economists Explain Beef Demand Determinant Study
  3. Dr. Ted Schroeder Discusses the Importance of Food Safety as a Demand Driver for Beef
  4. Dr. Glynn Tonsor Speaks about the Importance of Product Quality as a Demand Driver for Beef
  5. Dr. Ted Schroeder Explains the Role of Retail Price in Beef Demand
  6. Researchers Talk about How to Influence Consumer Demand for Beef

​​K-State Radio Network "Agriculture Today" June 20, 2013 interviews with Dr. Ted Schroeder and Dr. Glynn Tonsor:

Study Overview from Dr. Schroeder, Tonsor and Mintert, at the 2013 Cattle Industry Summer Conference, Aug. 9, 2013:

In the Cattle Markets,June 24, 2013:

BEEF Magazine, Sept. 19, 2013

Checkoff Press Releases: