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October 23, 2017

Showing Consumers How You Are Raising Beef With Care

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No one needs to tell you how much care, work and dedication goes into producing the world’s best beef! But you know who does need to hear it – just about everyone else! And when we say everyone, we mean those folks who enjoy beef on the dinner table, at a tailgate party or when they go out for a nice meal to celebrate with family and friends. That’s a lot of people and they are really interested in what you do and how you produce the food they enjoy.

Cody EasterdaySo that’s what your beef checkoff is doing with the #RethinkTheRanch media campaign. Based on consumer research, we know that your consumers want to know more about sustainable farming and ranching, and how you care for your cattle.

Cody Easterday, who operates feedlots in eastern Washington, knows the importance of the beef checkoff when it comes to communicating with his consumers.

“The checkoff is a conduit between us and the consumer,” says Cody. “It provides the education we need to produce the product that the consumer wants.”

Hand-in-hand with #RethinkTheRanch is the redesigned “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” website. There, your checkoff is providing a consumer-friendly, easy-to-understand way to communicate the complexities of raising quality beef today, including the video below.

We’re telling people all that goes into raising cattle on a farm or ranch. It’s about the hard work and the long hours you and your family invest in your livelihood – the advanced technology you are using to raise the best beef in the world.

Elaine UteschAccording to Elaine Utesch from the Triple U Ranch in Washta, Iowa, this a story worth telling.

“As a producer, it’s my responsibility to let people know that farms like ours is where their food is coming from,” says Elaine. “And the beef checkoff lets consumers know that their food is produced using sustainable, environmental practices.”

In other words, we’re telling them a cattle ranching story they’ve probably never heard – or seen – before and we think that’s good news worth sharing with everyone.

See for yourself what the video looks like. And learn more about #RethinkTheRanch efforts here.

Check out the redesigned website and stay up-to-date on what your checkoff investment is doing for you at