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May 24, 2017

Beef Takes Center Stage During NYC #BeefTogether Meat Retreat

NYC Meat RetreatSeven New York City bloggers and retail influencers attended a day-long #BeefTogether meat retreat, all thanks to a partnership between the national beef checkoff and the New York and South Dakota Beef Councils.

The event was a meat fabrication and culinary experience hosted at the Brooklyn FoodWorks kitchen in Brooklyn. Attendees had the opportunity to observe Kari Underly, a master butcher and author of The Art of Cutting Beef, break down two beef subprimals, the rib and the top butt, with the opportunity to fabricate their own.   

Attendees then took their passion for beef into the kitchen where they created five different Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. recipes. Checkoff staff provided insight into the beef lifecycle, beef choices and beef nutrition through interactive presentations and Q&A with attendees.  

Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative programs manager, Kaitlyn Carey, noted, “This event provided us the opportunity to engage directly with key influencers in New York City. These influencers have a large following. Arming them with beef skills and information will help them share the beef story with their followers. Our goal is to foster more beef advocates within our region.”

Events such as this one allow the checkoff to highlight beef’s taste, nutritional benefits and flavor-enhancing cooking techniques to those who have a large following on digital media. Checkoff-funded research in the Northeast shows that consumers are not confident in their abilities to pair the correct cut of beef with the appropriate cooking method. Engaging these beef influencers and providing them with information helps share the beef story with their followers.  

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(Photo caption:  Attendees gained hands-on experience breaking down the rib subprimal through the guidance of Master Butcher, Kari Underly.)

Media Contact:  Kaitlyn Carey; or visit the NEBPI website.

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