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Past Meeting Information (Archive)

Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Convention Center

Friday, February 1, 2019

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  • Roll call and introductions
  • Approve Agenda and Minutes
  • Working group ground rules

Committee Meetings - Market Research Sharing and Discussion

  • Nutrition and Health
  • Consumer Trust
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Export Growth

Wrap-up and Summer Business Meeting




Hyatt Regency at Colorado Convention Center • Granite BC

1:30 PM         Welcome (Al/Norm)

  • Roll call and introductions
  • Approval of agenda and minutes
  • Working group ground rules
  • Purpose statement
  • Committee priorities

1:40 PM         Market Research & Channel Intelligence AR Discussion

  • Revisit ARs
  • Review AR scores from Committee Meetings
  • Discussion on ARs from Committee Meetings
    • Q & A on ARs
    • Any feedback to enhance ARs
    • Any Market Research or Channel Intelligence knowledge gaps

1:50 PM         Wrap-up (Al/Norm)

3:00 PM         Adjourn

Phoenix Convention Center Room 123

Norman Voyles Jr.: Co-Chairman (C) Alan Lyman: Co-Chairman (F)

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Wednesday, Jan. 31


3:30 PM          Welcome (Al/Norm)

  • Roll call and introductions
  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of minutes
  • Desired Outcome – Align to LRP Initiatives


3:40 PM          LRP Initiative Priority Alignment/Knowledge Gaps

  • Nutrition and Health – Al Lyman, Norm Voyles, Philip Weltmer, Ruby Uhart
  • Consumer Trust – Steven Matthees, Kathy Creighton-Smith, George Cooksley, Patti Brumbach (WA), Karin Schaefer (MN), Lauren Scheller Maehling (AZ)
  • Innovation – Richard McElhaney, Tammy Basel, Bridget Bingham (PA)
  • Safety – Jason Beyer
  • Export Growth – D.J. Edwards, Gary Deering


4:00 PM          Align to Statement of Purpose


4:10 PM          Wrap-up (Al/Norm)


4:15 PM          Adjourn


Hyatt Regency Hotel, Denver, Colorado

The checkoff's Market Research Working Group  met July 14, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.

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