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Charlie Price is a cow-calf operator in Oakwood, Texas and has been involved in agriculture most of his life. He was nominated to the Cattlemen's Beef Board by the Independent Cattlemen's Association of Texas and appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to begin his first term on the Beef Board in 2016. As a young boy, Charlie helped his father with farming and ranching. While serving in the military, he married his Prairie View A&M sweetheart, Nyanza, and later settled in Houston, Texas. He retired as Chief of Police from The University of Texas at Houston Police Department, after 33 years of service. During his time in Houston, however, he never lost his love for ranching and the country. While working for the police department, Charlie and Nyanza purchased land in his hometown and started a cow/calf operation. They became weekend ranchers and continued to expand through the years. After retirement, they moved to the ranch and named it “Circle P Ranch”. Charlie and Nyanza have two children and three grandchildren, who love spending time on the ranch with the animals and their grandparents. In addition to ranching responsibilities, Charlie volunteers as director of the Oakwood Community Food Pantry and serves as Lead Usher for his church. He also has been active in the beef industry, with service including president of East Texas Independent Cattlemen's Association; chairman of the Bedias Soil and Water Conservation District; minority advisor of Anderson County Farm Services Agency; and a member of 100 Ranchers.

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