Question: About Beef Research

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About ‘Research’

1) I understand the checkoff can invest in research. What kind of research am I paying for?
The checkoff cannot pay for production research. But it absolutely invests in consumer market research, human-nutrition research, beef-safety research, and other research, such as cutting education and new-product development. Checkoff-funded safety research, for example, led to new protocols in packing plants that help reduce pathogens. While the checkoff invested a few million in basic research to find solutions to safety issues, packers and processors then spent hundreds of millions installing, operating and maintaining these new processes. The result is that we produce some of the safest beef in the world.
2) If I have an idea about a research project, how can I share that idea with CBB?
You can contact an individual member of the Beef Board, call the Beef Board office or send a description of your idea by e-mail. Research projects are reviewed by a panel of experts who help set funding priorities. Our goal would be to put you in contact with the right group to give your project a hearing.