Question: Beef Checkoff Price

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1) Is there anything the checkoff can do about low cull cow prices?
Unfortunately, there is nothing the beef checkoff can do about short-term prices or even to ensure the profitability of individual operations. Each of us is responsible for the decisions we make concerning our own businesses. But the checkoff serves as a catalyst for change and opportunity and, in a recent survey of beef and dairy producers, three out of four said they agreed that “over the years, the beef checkoff program has helped contribute to the profitability of my operation.”
2) How do I know I’m getting a good return on my $1 checkoff investment? I don’t see a correlation between retail beef prices and what I sell my calves for.

Measuring the return on investment of a checkoff program is always difficult, but a 2014 study by Dr. Harry Kaiser of Cornell University concluded that, for every dollar that beef producers and importers invest in the beef checkoff, they create a return of $11.20. Learn more at Checkoff ROI.