Question: About Beef Industry Issues

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About ‘Beef Industry Issues’

1) Does the beef checkoff doing anything about activists who constantly take potshots at our industry?
The checkoff can’t lobby. But what the checkoff can do and does on a daily basis is to develop capable spokespersons armed with scientifically established facts to counteract the misinformation many of us see. It’s really hard for producers or importers individually to do this kind of work, but we can be effective by pooling our checkoff dollars and investing in this type of activity.
2) What about issues management and making sure the industry is on the same page when something happens? Where can I find some talking points that will help me answers questions about beef production with my neighbors, church community, etc., that are not familiar with ag and beef production?
The beef checkoff does fund projects to help maintain and grow a positive image for the industry. A great example of this effort is a Website called that helps explain our business and our commitment to quality. This site is one of more than two dozen excellent source of industry – and checkoff – information.
3) Why do people think cattle are ruining the environment? Can’t CBB use our checkoff dollars to tell a positive story about beef production and the environment?
Again, a great example of the checkoff's respons to such information is a website called that helps explain our business and our commitment to quality. It is focused on how we produce cattle and certainly is aimed at keeping things in perspective.