Schmacon at Retail

After two years of working with Schmaltz Deli Co., makers of Schmacon – which they describe as “beef’s alternative to bacon” – the checkoff supported Schmacon’s launch into the foodservice channel last year, and has since provided technical developmental assistance to the company to help bring an all-natural product to the retail channel. Two significant Iowa-based chains were the first to place orders for Schmacon, launching the product for sale at Hy-Vee and Farew ay stores this month. This partnership not only brings viable beef product to the market, but introduces more beef to the breakfast table, in addition to lunch and supper! Extension to other retail companies is expected soon.

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Beef & School Lunches

Research shows that some 4 million U.S. children are iron-deficient, which is associated with behavioral and cognitive delays. But BEEF is the food supply's most readily available and easily absorbed source of iron, playing an important role in cognitive health, including memory, ability to learn, and reasoning. Check out these new recipes that meet guidelines for school lunches!