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2021 Annual Report

2020 Promotion

Promotion enables the Beef Checkoff to connect with consumers in meaningful ways so they can feel confident purchasing beef, veal and beef products.
Efforts convey beef’s incredible taste and nutritional benefits while saluting
the hard-working men and women who raise and provide beef for the world.


In the middle of a global pandemic, Checkoff-funded Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. quickly developed new content and strategies to meet changing consumer needs, including:

  • Sharing and promoting content designed to help consumers prepare beef meals at home. Extensive content libraries, including ads, recipes, cooking videos and educational materials about beef nutrition and beef safety were updated and leveraged. This content was widely distributed on social media and via press releases.
  • Partnering with three nationally recognized chefs to launch a “Beef Substitutes” campaign. Each chef found a creative way to substitute beef for a more commonly used protein in one of their favorite dishes. The fun and high energy campaign was extended via news and social media outreach.
  • Kicking off grilling season with a Memorial Day weekend video highlighting how beef producers are working to keep beef on grills. Also, working with National Calendar Day to designate May 28 as National Beef Burger Day and releasing a new summer grilling campaign, “United We Steak”, to showcase 50 steaks and all 50 states.
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By highlighting beef’s great taste through ads, digital efforts and engaging campaigns, these programs encouraged consumers to both purchase beef and feel confident enjoying its many positive attributes. Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner’s. “United We Steak” campaign reached more than 283 million consumers through paid advertising, social media, earned media and influencer outreach. Social media alone drove more than one million website pageviews to


Through Beef Checkoff efforts, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) and health bloggers were empowered to speak up and advocate beef to their clients and followers.

  • The Beef Checkoff sponsored 23 television talk show segments where RDNs provided information on the nutritional benefits and great taste of prepared beef products and showed viewers creative and delicious ways to enjoy these products, including Beefshi.
  • The Beef Checkoff worked with 22 of the top nutrition bloggers in the country to develop videos and content focused on Beefshi. In light of the pandemic, bloggers updated their messaging and approach. For example, many focused on enjoying Beefshi as a family activity while at home instead of going to a sushi restaurant.


The month-long programming efforts reached more than 341,294,441 individuals.


NAMI successfully developed a prepared beef education pilot program for classrooms ranging from grade school to grad school. The program was implemented in dozens of schools in New York and Pennsylvania, where hundreds of students participated in a classroom exercise to create their own Beefshi recipe. Following the pilot program, NAMI is now poised to grow these programs nationally. Additionally, NAMI designed a Beefshi Chefs’ Battle at the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute.



Showing educators and students how to serve prepared beef products with a new twist encourages creative thinking on how to integrate beef into meals. More than 500 grade school students participated in the Beefshi in the classroom project, and the Beefshi Chefs’ Battle reached approximately 5,000 culinary students and professional chefs.


To demonstrate how prepared beef is an essential part of our culture in good times and bad and to reach a younger consumer audience, NAMI organized a #WienerWednesday hot dog campaign throughout July. Beef hot dog recipes were developed by the Food Renegades, a division of The Digital Renegades, a digital marketing agency and a chef alliance on TikTok, in partnership with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and Beef Checkoff. The Food Renegades’ drool-worthy creations inspired hot dog fans to show their creativity and develop their own videos featuring a unique beef hot dog recipe using the hashtag #WienerWednesday.

hot dogs on a grill


Forty unique recipes and fun facts about hot dogs were viewed more than 27 million times, generating nearly 3.5 million likes and 15.8 million hashtag views, making it the most viral beef campaign ever organized on TikTok. This is a major step toward engaging and promoting prepared meats in fun and interactive ways with millennials and Generation Z, both key consumer audiences.


NAMI identified veal consumption’s biggest barrier of entry for millennials through research: low awareness and lack of understanding of veal’s nutritional and taste benefits. To overcome this, veal promotional programs and communication platforms focused on creating awareness, educating consumers and driving sales for veal. Enlisting prominent food bloggers and online retailers was one way NAMI drove millennial veal demand.

  • Food bloggers used the “Veal for Valentine’s Day” promotion to educate their followers on how veal is raised and stimulate interest by creating an exciting veal recipe for Valentine’s Day.
  • The Summer Grilling promotion highlighted the different cuts of veal that are best for grilling, where to purchase those cuts and a summer grilling recipe.
  • A first-time online retailer event for veal with the Fresh Direct online grocery service featured online promotions on the veal shopping page and branded banner ads running across the Fresh Direct website with links to the veal shopping page. A dedicated blog post on the website also featured a Checkoff-funded veal recipe.
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Recipe development and food blogger partnerships helped identify new and emerging trends to target the millennial audience. Creating and driving positive messaging by distributing content and collaborating with industry leaders and State Beef Council partners has contributed to a positive shift in consumer attitudes toward and acceptance of veal. More than one million consumers engaged with the veal promotion efforts.

Contractors Key


    American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

  • CBB

    Cattlemen's Beef Board


    Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education

  • KSU*

    Kansas State University

  • MICA

    Meat Import Council of America

  • NAMI

    North American Meat Institute

  • NCBA

    National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

  • NEBPI*

    Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative

  • NIAA*

    National Institute for Animal Agriculture

  • NLPA

    National Livestock Producers Association

  • USCA

    United States Cattlemen’s Association

  • USMEF*

    United States Meat Export Federation

Figures presented within this report are based on data compiled by individual contractors. Unless indicated otherwise, results are based on October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 data.