Producers Talk About the Checkoff

Chuck Kiker, Texas

Chuck Kiker, Cattlemen's Beef Board member from Fannett, Texas, has been involved in the beef industry since he was a young child.

He says, "I first went on the Beef Board in 2004. I’m about to serve the last year of my second term and not many people have been able to do that. It’s been a pretty eye-opening experience.

"One of the things our checkoff does is profiling different muscles. We had so many cuts of meat that weren’t high dollar cuts that would end up in grind and it was very important to add value to those cuts. One of the things derived out of that kind of research was the flat iron steak and the petite tender. We needed cuts of steak that people could go out and buy and enjoy whether they were grilling at home or going to a restaurant."

Chuck believes more producers should volunteer and be part of the checkoff and learn about it. "It’s a very complicated process because it gets in to research, new market development, and things that we don’t even think about as ranchers."

Watch ChuckClick here for the full video from Chuck’s cow-calf operation.


Brian Medeiros, California

Brian Medeiros, dairy producer from California, milks about 2,500 cows three times per day with 27 employees. The dairy farm is run by Brian and his parents. They have been in the business for 22 years, and at the current facility since 2003.

“There’s a reason why we do what we do on the dairy every day. It’s being with these cows that are behind me, helping to make them as productive as they can but also in the end, giving consumers a nutritious product that they can enjoy day in and day out. That’s really the thing that I love the most.”

He says, "Our cows have a dual purpose for milk as well as for beef. We look at the Beef Checkoff Program as helping to ensure the we can have a great demand for that beef moving into the new generations of families."

Brian says one of the checkoff’s main goals is to share research with influential people and organizations that help consumers decide when and where they want to buy beef. Listen to more about beef promotion and marketing efforts from Brian’s dairy farm in California.

Watch BrianClick here for the full video from Brian’s dairy operation.

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