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Supporting the Beef Checkoff

Support for the beef checkoff among its investors remains high, according to a recent survey of beef and dairy producers nationwide. In fact, the survey found that three out of four producers support the checkoff, while the number of those who “disapprove” of the program – at 11 percent – is the lowest in program history. The random survey, conducted by Aspen Media & Market Research in December 2014 and January 2015 further found that an overwhelming majority of beef and dairy producers believe their checkoff provides value in many ways. Get more at 2015 Survey, and read Aspen’s overview at Survey Topline.

Sharing Foreign-Marketing Results

On a rainy day last fall, the checkoff traveled to Mark Jagels’ farm in southeast Nebraska to visit with him about the ongoing growth in U.S. beef exports and what that growth means for the cattle industry. A fourth-generation farmer, Jagels and his son raise beef, corn and soybeans and, as past chairman of the U.S. Meat Export Federation – a contractor to the beef checkoff – Mark Jagels has seen firsthand how checkoff investments help aid in continued growth of U.S. beef exports. He says that’s one reason his family is optimistic about the future of their farm. Check out a video report from Jagels’ farm here. The video release was distributed to ag media nationwide, and will be supplemented by print and online ads in beef media, as well as topping the “Producers Talk” page on

For additional information, check out these sites:

This site, at either or is the official site of the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board, offering information about the Beef Board, checkoff programs, and compliance with the national Beef Promotion Act and Order, as well as financial information about the Beef Board.
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s oversight role in the Beef Checkoff Program is explained at This includes USDA media releases and market research regarding the checkoff, as well as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture appointments to the Beef Board.
The decision-making process, the discussions and recommendations made during Beef Board and other checkoff-related meetings and conferences are chronicled in the Meeting Center on this site to assure a transparent process open to producers who pay into the checkoff.

Your checkoff on air or in print

Maybe you've heard about the checkoff on agricultural television or a local radio station, or read about the checkoff in your favorite industry publication. Here are examples:

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