Checkoff Research: Building Blocks For The Beef Industry


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            Checkoff Research: Building Blocks For The Beef Industry
             New report chronicles scientific studies and research milestones over 20 years

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (Feb. 21, 2007 ) – The history and, in many cases, benchmark discoveries gained during the past 20 years of beef checkoff-funded research are profiled in the new research annual report, Creating Opportunity with Knowledge.

This year’s report provides a historical perspective on many key issues that have confronted and continue to challenge the beef industry and summarizes findings from several benchmark research efforts.    

“It is by no means a comprehensive review of each study – but we believe it shows the time and effort involved in beef safety, product enhancement, nutrition and market research projects that form the foundation for all checkoff-funded marketing, promotion and communications programs,” said Keith Hansen, a nutrition consultant and chair of the Joint Research and Knowledge Management Group of committees.  

Included in the report:  

·         A historical overview of beef safety research, such as interventions developed through the checkoff’s aggressive response to a major E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in 2002. The report covers recent findings and sets the stage for further studies in safety areas such as beef packaging technologies, emerging pathogens, pre-harvest interventions and dust cloud cross-contamination.


·         A look at the continuing role of product enhancement research, such as the kind that led to creation of Beef Value Cuts, which are now firmly entrenched in foodservice – where three of the value cuts accounted for sales of 169 million pounds in FY 2006. Future research will continue to expand knowledge about bovine genetics, tenderness prediction and beef quality consistency.


·         Nutrition has been a barrier affecting consumers’ willingness to purchase, prepare and enjoy beef. In fact, beef has been under the critical eye of the nutrition community for nearly 30 years. The report gives historical perspective on some of the studies that went deep into the nutritional makeup of beef and have led to a new, positive profile for lean beef in a healthy diet.


·         Market research not only paves the way for new beef products, but also probes consumer attitudes and preferences about beef. After all, the consumer is the ultimate decision-maker as to the success or failure of a product in the marketplace. The report covers findings of attitude studies targeting young people, ground beef and just what factors drive consumer protein preferences. The checkoff continues to track and trend consumer behaviors, particularly in areas of retail, foodservice and new products.

To view this report online or for more information on other checkoff-funded research, visit or call 303-694-0305.



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