Beef Briefs: June 2014

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... Mexico has removed import restrictions on U.S. beef.

... Nominations are still being accepted for the 2015 BQA awards.

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... the checkoff’s site is debunking myths about beef every day -- about what consumers define as hot-button issues, including animal welfare, antibiotics in cattle, Beef Quality Assurance, beta-agonists, cows and global warming, environment, factory farming, food safety, Meatless Mondays and beef nutrition? That’s right – consumers have questions about where their beef comes from, and FactsAboutBeef is addressing and answering those questions and concerns, stomping out misinformation from consumer media along the way. The site hosts a wide variety of research, expert opinions and beef facts to arm you with the information you need to help you learn about checkoff achievements and help set the story straight out in the country. Use the site to boost your own advocacy efforts by sharing the facts!

Did you know ...

... the beef checkoff has developed a “Guide to Having the Beef Conversation,” which continues to be the go-to conversation aid for anyone interested in actively engaging in beef conversations. It features information to help you talk about the beef lifecycle, good food, healthy animals, healthy environment, strong communities and the Beef Checkoff Program. Each section includes the up-to-date facts you need to share, as well as a tough question-and-answer section and a reference page with additional websites for more information. It is available in print format by calling 303-220-9890 and online.

Checkoff Commissions FY2014 Studies

The beef checkoff is commissioning two third-party evaluation studies this year, both aimed at leverage every checkoff dollar to the greatest degree possible. The follow-up studies to the 2013 Beef Demand Determinant Study results will include a Return on Investment (ROI) Study and an Efficiency Analysis, both of which are being completed within the FY2014 checkoff evaluation program budget.

The ROI study is something that USDA requires of every research and promotion program at least every five years. Dr. Ron Ward of the University of Florida completed the last checkoff ROI study for the Beef Board in 2009. He used a comprehensive econometric model to conclude that, for every dollar invested in the Beef Checkoff Program, producers received $5.55 in value back, which amounts to an ROI of 555 percent.

This year’s study is being done by Dr. Harry Kaiser, a nationally recognized expert in the economics of generic advertising and promotion programs. His methodology varies from the checkoff's previous ROI studies in that it delves deeper into specific areas of investment rather than simply delivering an average ROI.

Hand-in-hand with the ROI study, and using data generated by Dr. Kaiser, the second study is being conducted by Dr. David Rockland, CEO and managing director of Ketchum Change and Global Research Group.

This efficiency study will identify common key metrics to determine how each individual program affects beef demand. The study comprises two parts: a performance-efficiency analysis and a cost-efficiency analysis, and it will help identify metrics (e.g., percent target audience reached with demand-driving messages) to enhance development and tracking of performance trends for checkoff programs in coming years.

Look for the New this Summer is undergoing a complete transformation. To make the site even more accessible, it will feature a ‘responsive interface,’ which means the site will look and work the same on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Look for launch details during the next couple of months.

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