Meet Jason Snyder, PA

Jason Snyder, Juniata County, is working to grow his cow/calf herd located in Spruce Hill, Penn. Four years ago, after marrying wife Renee, Jason began to run cattle on his father-in-law's land. The old dairy farm where Renee grew up milking cows with her parents, currently is home to 19 cow/calf pairs with close to 30 replacement heifers to build the herd.

Jason, along with Renee and her two daughters, ages 14 and 11, enjoy spending weekends on the farm. Jason comments he likes to "work with his family and be outside. I enjoy watching the calves and corn grow." Jason had always imagined himself owning a farm operation and had the passion to raise beef cattle. Renting the land from his father-in-law, Fred Shoop, gives him the ideal opportunity to start his herd and continue to grow it from there. Learn more on Jason's plans to grow his cattle herd.

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