Beef in Fitness Plans

On Nov. 21, the checkoff hosted an invitation-only virtual roundtable with fitness professionals to further engage this audience that shares nutrition advice in various ways. New technology enabled the checkoff to share beef nutrition information via webinar and instant messaging. Fitness professionals networked with staff and each other during a presentation by sports nutritionist Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSSD, LDN, who shared some of the latest research about the benefits of lean beef, its role in daily physical activity and common misperceptions about it. She and Amie Hoff, CPT, NASM, facilitated a “chat” with participants, who provided insights into the questions they receive about nutrition and beef from their clients and readers, the best ways for nutrition and fitness professionals to collaborate, and where they seek new nutrition information.

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The beef checkoff increases beef demand through promotion, research and new product development, and a variety of other marketing tools.