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Myth Busting: Lean Beef Costs More

You know that many of America’s favorite (and most popular) cuts also are lean. “That’s great," you might say. "But aren't the lean cuts also the most expensive?” Quite the contrary! In fact, the leanest cuts in the meat case are often some of the more affordable. Great news all around!

Based on retail scanner data from October 2012, beef prices average out at about $1.10 per 3 oz. serving. In fact, some of the most popular lean cuts are priced very attractively. For instance, top sirloin steak (one of the most versatile cuts around) is about $5.12 per pound, which equals $1.28 per 3 oz. cooked serving. Chuck pot roast (which often ranks as the top selling cut in the country) is about $3.66 per pound, or only about $0.91 per 3 oz. serving!

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