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Responding to Food-Safety Claims

In response to the recent release of a report from Clear Labs, a small testing facility that specializes in whole genome sequencing, the checkoff immediately convened to review “The Hamburger Report.” The report was about the company’s testing of a variety of ground meat products, including beef. According to the report, about 13 percent of the samples were "problematic," either testing positive for DNA from sources other than the ground product itself (for example, human DNA, rat DNA, or a different type of meat DNA) or representing a nutritional variance from that listed on the label. The issues-management team concluded that the report did little to help consumers in making beef purchases, or the beef industry in improving beef-safety protocols. Read the checkoff’s media statement addressing the report and its Ten Tips for Safely Handling and Preparing Ground Beef.

Identifying Consumer Demands

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, funded in part by the beef checkoff, hosted its second annual Research Workshop and first-ever Sustainability Summit at the Chicago Cultural Center last week. The Sustainability Summit – held in conjunction with Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture – convened farmers, ranchers and representatives from major food and agricultural brands and commodity groups to discuss consumer demand for sustainably grown and raised foods.

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