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Taking on Water

The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, funded in part by the beef checkoff, and the Farm and Food Alliance of Minnesota, recently partnered to host The Food Dialogues: A Celebration of Minnesota's Waters. Concerns about water conservation, use and sustainability are top-of-mind issues for residents in Minnesota and, in some cases, agriculture often is blamed for water-quality concerns. The event convened nearly 100 students, interns, young professionals and industry representatives in the Twin Cities to engage in a conversation about water quality and food production. Panelist Becky Kenow, Land O'Lakes sustainability officer, shared the powerful role that technology has played in improving the environmental sustainability of production agriculture.

Reducing Food Waste

Even though beef is one of the least wasted foods in the United States, cutting it in half would improve the beef industry’s sustainability by 10 percent! With consumer conversation on the topic high, the checkoff developed a campaign to reach a variety of audiences with the message “Fight against food waste,” as it launched a 30-Day Food Waste Challenge on Aug. 1. Modeled after the checkoff’s highly successful Protein Challenge, the new campaign allows consumers to sign and receive automated email reminders that give them tips for reducing food waste. The challenge incorporates recipe collections to re-invent leftovers, a Waste Less Monthly calendar, infographics, kitchen inventory sheets and a weekly meal-planning guide. The checkoff’s nearly 9,000 MBA grads have been engaged to share the campaign on social media. Sign up and share your journey using #wasteless on Twitter, then follow @BeefFacts and re-tweet campaign posts.

For additional information, check out these sites:

The beef production story is told through, a site which offers information, photos, graphics, facts and figures, personal accounts and other resources that combine to tell the story of how beef gets from producers pastures to consumers’ plates.

Foodservice professionals, including those in school foodservice, can go to for with information about beef safety, cuts, facts and trends, as well as recipes and training materials.

Professionals in foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries can go to to find beef product ideas and tools to make new products successful in the market.

Beef retailers can turn to for beef cut and product information, marketing research, and tips, instruction and tools for merchandising beef.

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) is a misunderstood but potentially serious animal disease. For the most accurate information, turn to, an informational site housing current information regarding for consumers, producers and beef industry representatives.

To address the nutrition and health challenges facing today’s youth and addressing beef nutrition with a focus on the classroom, provides a resource for a variety of tools to help teachers, school-wellness leaders, health professionals and families; it also serves as a resource for teachers with a large selection of free posters, brochures, and teaching kits about beef and human nutrition.

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