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This Week: What Has The Beef Checkoff Program's CONSUMER INFORMATION Program Area Done For Me Lately?

CONSUMER INFORMATION, as defined in the Beef Promotion & Research Act, means “nutritional data and other information that will assist consumers and other persons in making evaluations and decisions regarding the purchasing, preparing and use of beef and beef products.” This includes programs such as youth education and information, communications with nutrition influencers, and public relations.

Showcasing Modern Production – Three National Beef Ambassadors recently told the beef story at the Pennsylvania Farm Show – the largest indoor consumer agriculture show in the nation. At the checkoff’s “Today’s Agriculture” exhibit of modern food production, the ambassadors connected with hundreds of consumers, including youth. Steers were on display in a typical feedyard setting, and the ambassadors answered consumer questions, including “How old are the cattle when they go to the feedyard?” and “How much will they weigh when they’re harvested?” Check out John Weber's blog about his eperiences at the event. 

Mastering the Experience – Fifty-eight University of Tennessee Extension agents recently completed the checkoff’s Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program through a series of in-service trainings with U.T. Assistant Extension & Research Professor Justin Rhinehart, Ph.D. and Charles Hord, executive vice president of Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association. The training sessions piloted a new “offline” version of the MBA courses, available on CD, and included versions of the six MBA online courses and a teacher’s guide with classroom discussion topics for a classroom setting. For more information, e-mail
Raising Our Voice – The checkoff-funded National Beef Speakers Bureau is growing, with more than 10 new speakers scheduled for training in February to prepare for engaging meal-time decision-makers and youth in discussions about beef. Training will include a tour of a large feedyard and beef processing plant, providing speakers firsthand experiences they can share with their audiences about various phases of modern beef production. Four exciting “beef story” events now in development include a beef “Twitter Party” in February or March, and three “Kids in the Kitchen” events, in partnership with the Junior League. 
Roasting Up the Season – During the cold of winter, nothing satisfies like an impressive oven roast or a hearty pot roast, and the checkoff is keeping consumers’ mouths watering on that fact. The Times-Herald (Newnan, Georgia) featured the checkoff’s "Beef Pot Roast with Sweet Potatoes and Cider", while featured several beef photos and recipes that are perfect for entertaining. Other regional publications getting in on the roasting fun included Knoxville News Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel, FOX Seattle and more. In addition, the Las Vegas Review Journal shared secrets for creating the perfect beef pot roast and included two checkoff-funded recipes, thoughts from Chef Dave Zino, and a link to the Interactive Meat Case on
Making the Cut – Thanks to information from Chef Dave Zino and University of Nebraska researcher Chris Calkins, the January 2012 Saveur 100 featured new classics and the latest and greatest in the food world. Zino and Calkins provided background about six cuts the checkoff developed from the chuck and round, including the ranch steak, merlot cut, Denver steak and petite tender. Checkoff scientist Bridget Wasser fact-checked the information and hand-cut the beef that Saveur photographed for the final story.
Headlining BOLD Research – Since publication in the January 2012 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the checkoff-funded "Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet" (BOLD) study has generated significant interest with consumer media and heatlh progressionals. A fact sheet and press release are part of the extensive media outreach to promote publication of study results. Coverage of the BOLD study has achieved more than 123 million media impressions, including Reuters, WebMD, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and Shape, to name a few. The American Dietetic Association linked to an article in its daily e-newsletter, which reaches 14,000 registered dietitians nationwide.
Blogging with Passion – It’s easy for bloggers to write about topics about which they are passionate, though food photography can sometimes be a challenge. With that in mind, the checkoff hosted the “Beef Up Your Photos” webinar, featuring a panel of experts about beef cooking, including recommended beef cuts and recipes for winter, beef styling and tips for taking the best beef photography. In her “Quirky Mama” blog, Holly Homer summarized her experience: “I really enjoyed the webinar and learned a lot. I hope to make you proud on my next beef picture!


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