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This Week: What Has The Beef Checkoff Program's PRODUCER COMMUNICATIONS Program Area Done For Me Lately?

PRODUCER COMMUNICATIONS means expenditures made to communicate about other checkoff programs – promotion, research, consumer information, industry information and foreign marketing – to producers who pay for them. This includes management of a paid information outreach, production of a Beef Board Annual Report and other program updates to producers, trade media news releases, maintenance of, participation in agricultural trade shows, and a producer attitude survey.

BEEF. The REAL Story is YOUR Story. The checkoff’s producer-communications and issues-management teams worked together to develop a pocket-size “talking-points flip book” for state beef council directors, Beef Board members, Federation directors, Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) graduates and anyone else actively engaged in defending beef’s image. The new booklet, titled “BEEF. The REAL Story is YOUR Story” was patterned based on the six MBA program courses: Each section contains talking points, “did-you-know” facts, a reference page with additional websites for more information, and notes pages. The booklets will be printed in time for summer conference. Click here to view an electronic copy.

Focus on Dairy Beef Quality – In August, the checkoff will again team with the New York Beef Industry Council to sponsor a booth at Empire Farm Days and help local dairy producers understand the value of their beef checkoff. Checkoff representatives will be hosting cattle-handling demos, sponsoring and speaking during “lunch and learn” sessions, and distributing copies of the checkoff-funded Dairy Animal Care and Quality Assurance Manual to those who bring their pre-show postcards to the checkoff booth. Learn more here.

World Market Webinar – Next week, the checkoff will be hosting a webinar featuring Erin Daley, economist for the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program, and Joel Haggard, USMEF senior vice president for the Asia-Pacific region. Erin will begin the session with a market potential overview, including the markets showing the greatest growth in consumption as well as import and domestic production trends—where beef supplies exist and where deficits are. Joel will continue with that market overview and then extend his presentation to include U.S. beef’s role in the major markets—which cuts are most popular and how USMEF is working to expand the cut mix in order to meet the growing demand for U.S. beef in Asia. Both presenters will highlight why these markets are important to U.S. producers. Learn more here.

Positive Response – The producer communications team recently conducted an annual survey of trade media editors and farm broadcasters to better understand their needs as the field of electronic and social communications continues to evolve. Some quick highlights:  Editors and broadcasters alike believe that their readers/listeners could use more checkoff information about foreign marketing, promotion and industry information; much of the information provided in the checkoff’s e-newsletters is being used in publications or forwarded to industry contacts; and both print and broadcast media provided verbatim feedback that the checkoff should continue to help farmers and ranchers tell their own story. Responses will be used in ongoing planning efforts. For more, visit Producer Communications.

Seeking Producer Input – The beef checkoff will be fielding its Producer Attitude Survey during the next several weeks to ask producers for their feedback on checkoff programs, structure, and the like. Phone interview subjects are selected randomly from a database of producers, so some of you might be receiving calls as part of the producer communications effort. For more information about the last survey completed, visit Producer Attitude Survey.   


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